Custom designed and hand tailored clothing for men and women


About Us

Our mission is to deliver the ultimate in quality, craftsmanship, innovation, education and value - all driven by compassion

We craft custom designed clothing for those who value the power of presence

Every garment is shaped and refined by hand, using only the finest 100% natural and sustainable superfine woolens, silks, and cashmeres


Made in USA

Our price is unmatched

We absolutely believe exceptional service is timeless; it never goes out of style

We deliver finished product in 4 weeks - far less than the typical 4-6 month industry standard for custom clothing

CSR and philanthropic efforts are a priority

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Our Expertise

Crafted. Not produced.

We create wardrobes based on our client’s lifestyle so all professional, social and formal needs are fulfilled

The personalized wardrobes we create are sold as ensembles  inclusive of garments and accessories for ease of dress, and to provide the maximum number of looks from the minimum number of pieces for exceptional value

The Maison de Haj fit is like no other — this is accomplished by combining precise body measurements with designs chosen to enhance each person’s one-of-a-kind physique. The final key critical component is the fitting, which is done before each garment is hand-sewn to completion

Our couture service includes one-on-one collaboration between Haj and each client a rarity in the world of fashion today


Nile Crocodile

Sustainably harvested in the Casamance region of Senegal, West Africa, these exclusive travel bags, messenger bags, handbags and accessories are crafted for indisputable longevity and beauty —created to last a lifetime.


Rare and Exceptional Luxury

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Maison de Haj

Crafted. Not produced.



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