Our Story

Born in Senegal, West Africa, and raised in Paris, Elhadji "Haj" Gueye is an award winning third-generation couture designer and master tailor who trained from the age of 7 under the strict guidance of his father, Barra Gueye. Gueye's family created apparel for French and West African aristocracies during and after World War II.

From these beginnings, Haj worked throughout Europe until 1987, when he moved to the United States to pursue his own couture service. Currently residing in Chicago, Haj brings over 25 years of experience and expertise to the brand.


My vision is to provide an opportunity for every person and business in West Africa to realize their full potential. I will do this by creating a great place for people to work where they are inspired to be the best they can be, by building and nurturing a network of partners built on mutual trust and loyalty and by making a difference by being socially responsible and giving back.

-- Elhadji Gueye


Did you know...?
The average American throws out seventy pounds of clothing a year.
Since 2000 we have been recycling clothing as part of an initiative we call NEWYOU.

Gently used clothes are collected at our boutique and donated to support programs for young men entering into the professional workforce in Senegal, Africa and the United States.

To date, over 10,500 suits have been donated.