30 Years

Crafting and Designing in Chicago, New York, Paris & West Africa

3rd Generation

Master Tailor Trained in West Africa & Paris


Suits Donated to Young Men in the Chicago Area and Senegal Combined

3 Fabrics for Summer 2018


More casual, wearable and sporty due to the coarse texture.

Incredibly lightweight and breathable and a perfect summer alternative to tweed.

Naturally wrinkle resistant due to the woven texture of the basket weave.

Made in Italy


Natural bamboo fibers make for a breathable and sustainable fabric.

Smooth, soft and luxurious feel while remaining heavily durable.

More breathable than silk without worrying about any creasing.

Allergy negative, perfect for sensitive or allergy prone skin. 

Made in Italy


An extremely light, breathable and durable fabric allows for air circulation due to it's uneven texture. 

Seersucker comes from the phrase "shir o shakar" in Hindi meaning milk and sugar, referring to the two textures in the fabric.

Thin, puckered and 100% cotton fabric.

Made in Italy