Roger Crockett

President, R.O. Crockett Leadership Advisory - Adjunct Professor of Leadership, DePaul University Driehaus College of Business

When I met Haj 8 years ago, he sat me down and provided me advice on how to bring the best out of me in my presence, in my looks and in my appearance.

I ended up making an investment with Haj and today I get striking and laudatory comments from all who I know saying, “Who made that suit for you!?"

You gotta see Haj!

Marc Howze

Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, John Deere

I've been all over the world for my job and every single day, literally, if I'm in a Haj suit I get a compliment.

There's a hug that this suit gives you. You are not wearing a suit, you are wearing a garment that was made for you.

The fabric, the workmanship, the hand stitching... And of course now my wife is happy.

Roderick Frazier

President and CEO, Frazier Industries, LLC

I met Haj in 2009 through a referral from one of his long-time clients. I have always liked the fabrics and designs of the Italian designers that are sold in department stores, but with my build the fit was never right no matter how much “tailoring” was done. In other words, I needed to conform to what was on the rack instead of being in control of my appearance. Working with Haj revealed a better way. In addition to fit, Haj worked with me on color and pattern selections that compliments my skin tone. It is this level of attention to detail that distinguishes Maison de Haj from all other custom tailors.

Haj is a true artist, a master at his craft. As a long-time client, I have learned a lot about fit, fabric, design and color. How to dress for a certain season, a certain climate (“attire for Miami is totally different than for Chicago, New York, LA or Dakar”) or for a certain occasion were all learned from working with Haj. Fabrics and designs you see trending today, Haj was designing 5 years ago; and his current collection is still ahead of the curve. This is the mark of a visionary.

Don Prophete

Senior Partner, Constangy Brooks, Smiths & Prophete

I have an absolute love for clothing and design. I consider myself an elegant man who takes great pride in his appearance. As a result of my love for finely fitted suits, I have gotten my suits tailor-made over the last 15 years. During this period, I have ordered hundreds of suits and shirts from some of the best known haberdashers in the country. I can say unequivocally that none holds a candle to Haj.

Haj has been my go-to tailor and stylist over the last 3 years. Haj hails from a long line of fine tailors and haberdashers, who have outfitted heads of states and kings from all over the world. His service and attention to detail are impeccable.

I order between 10-15 suits and another 30-40 shirts per year from Haj. What really appeals to me is that my clothing fits like a glove. Maybe it’s simply ego, but I absolutely love it when I receive compliments from clients and peers alike on my attire. Maybe I’m simply a product of the wise words shared by my grandmother when I was a teenager that “dressing well is a form of good manners.”

Thanks to Haj, I always project the very best manners! Thank you Haj!

Chuck Vivian

CEO & Co-Founder, Cogency Group

My wife and I bought several custom outfits from Haj a few years ago. He was very professional, courteous, and listened carefully to us in order to address our personal requirements. He is as adept at business casual as he is in custom tailored suits. I would recommend Haj to any professional who wants to project a professional image. Traditional or millennial, this guy dresses the best

Lekan Ahmed

CEO, Lekan Leadership International

Great place to get custom suits! Haj designs will go beyond your expectations. Excellent work!