The 2019 NFL Draft Suit Breakdown

The NFL Draft is a chance for the best college football players in the country to show their style and make an impactful presence for the first time on the red carpet. Here are some of my favorite looks and what we could have done a little differently.

Ed Oliver

This guy just looks good. I love the lapels and the collar on the shirt and the way the shoulders sit. The vest could have come up a bit higher to distinguish it being a three piece suit and a firmer knot would help.

Kyler Murray

First thing I notice is his vest is a little short. Overall, I like suit tie combination and the pinstripes on the lapels line up beautifully. I would have made the pants a little longer and the crotch a little higher as well.

Brian Burns

Looks great, keep it up. I have nothing to say on this look. The color looks good, the shirt, the whole combination.

Devin White

Looks good, fits good. It doesn't look like he has a full canvas judging by the wrinkles around the chest and shoulders. Not a huge fan on the square shoes but the draft was in Nashville after all.

Greedy Williams

Oh I like that one. The jacket fits beautifully but the rise in the front of the pants could be shorter. It would have helped the pant legs to be straight and a tad bit longer. He should’ve put on socks and some dress shoes. My style is more with a tie rather than a bow tie.

Daniel Jones

He doesn’t look bad actually. The pants could be fit better in the crotch, one of the biggest challenges on a few of these young men. The lapel should come down all the way to the button it sits a little high here. Overall it's a nice simple and timeless look.

Quinnen Williams

The suit all one color, it makes no sense. You need some contrast, I bet he was sold an idea but he could have a more impactful presence. White shirt would have looked great with white pocket square. Tough to tell the style of the suit with all one color. Love the lapels and the way the sleeves fit. Jacket length could be a little bit longer, sitting at the crotch.

Christian Wilkins

A nice look but having a white bowtie could have added some nice contrast.

DK Metcalf

Man, he looks sharp but I would have liked the stripes to match on the lapels and shoulder. A burnt orange tie or even a solid navy blue tie would have added more impactful presence.

Drew Lock

Pants looks good looking at the the cut and the shoes. The jacket doesn’t fit as well as it could and doesn’t look like a full canvas. The shoulders need to be taken in off the top which is also creating that wrinkle.

Deandre Baker

You’re showing someone's else brand, you can create your own.

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Photo Source: Getty Images