"I make some of the best suits

in the world, man"

- Haj

3rd generation master tailor & Designer


Check the jackets in your closet. Do the patterns align on every detail from the shoulders to the back, to the lapels? I pay attention to details most people don't even know exist. Once you see it, you won't look at a suit the same.


I use the highest quality fabrics up to Super 180 but more importantly, my garments are built using a full canvas. If you don't know if you have a full canvas, you're probably wearing multiple pieces of fabric fused together with glue. This is the key to a long lasting suit.


Whatever you can dream, I can create; everything is built to your exact specifications with as little or as much consulting as you'd like. My suits are cut près du corps to strike the perfect balance between on-trend and timelessness. You are able to sit comfortably with the top button buttoned, without the shoulders rising up.

I Dress the Best

CEOs, global business leaders and dignitaries, athletes & entertainers

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Genuine Nile Crocodile Collection

Garment Bags, Duffel Bags and Backpacks Made to Order in Africa. Contact me for pricing.